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CSM Pack v1.2 copyright © 2000-2001 by Clarkwood Software, LLC.

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What is the CSM Pack?

The CSM Pack is a $10 set of 6 modules for Apple's Macintosh Control Strip. These make day to day tasks easier. Most likely you'll find that some modules mesh especially well with the way you work.

Install Instructions

Drag the modules to your System Folder, where your Mac will automatically put them into the Control Strip Modules folder. Then restart your Mac to activate the new modules.

Tour of the Modules

IP View

The IP View module displays the IP address currently assigned to your machine. In a network with a DHCP server this makes it especially easy to find your IP address. There are a number of situations when knowing your IP address is helpful. For example, the IP address is useful to know in cases such as using File Sharing via TCP/IP, dealing with FTP transfers, or for general network troubleshooting.

Open Tray

Open tray is a simple utility. It opens your CD (or DVD) tray. It can do that if the tray is empty and often even if there's a disk in it. This utility was inspired by the PowerBook since there are times when hitting the little recessed button is tedious. With the control strip it's easy to do. We've also found that it's really convenient for desktop machines that are stored under a desk or in any location that's a little hard to reach.

Window Genie

Window Genie sole purpose in life is to help you quickly hide all those pesky open windows so you can get to your desktop. Alternatively it can show you all of your windows when you're done on the desktop.

Open File Count

Open File Count is aptly named since it displays how many files the Mac OS has open at any given time. This is especially useful for the power user since they can quickly gauge their system usage. Often you'll have a handful of applications running but the operating system can have well over a 100 files open. This is because in addition to the applications and their documents there are other files open such as fonts and desktop database files.


The Activate Module is used to activate a screen saver on your system. In order for this to happen you must have already installed a screen saver. The activate modules makes use of the standard Gestalt mechanism for communicating with screen savers. We've found that not all screen savers support this. However, After Dark and DarkSide both do. Also SETI@home acts as a screen saver and works with Activate.

Peek-a-Boo Strip

The Peek-a-Boo Strip compliments the Peek-a-Boo application in that it makes it trivial to set the CPU priority for the front application. This way if you need to devote (or scale back) how much time the front application is getting it can all be done from the Control Strip. Also you can quickly launch Peek-a-Boo to manager your applications from the Control Strip. The Peek-a-Boo application is available on the web at:

Minimum Requirements

The CSM Pack requires System Software v7.5 or higher.

IP View requires a PowerPC processor. The other modules all can run on 68K Macs as well as PowerMacs. If IP View is installed on a 68K Mac it simply doesn't load itself into the control strip and everything else goes on normally.

Payment Details

To register the CSM Pack on the web point your browser at:


The other way to register is to double click the included "Register CSM Pack" program and follow the screens it presents.

A single user license is (US) $10 per user or a site License is available for $100 (equal to 10 users) and covers all locations for your organization within a 160 kilometer radius of your site (100 miles). One big advantage of a Site License is that you do not need to keep track of how many people at your site are using the software. CSM Pack has a demo mode and when you pay, you will receive registration instructions to deactivate the demo mode. If you do not have an email address, enter your complete postal address and please remember, we do not know what country you live in so please enter that into the postal address also.