Flowing Pennies is no longer being supported.

Flowing Pennies Release Notes

Flowing Pennies requires at least Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).


Principal Engineer: Bob Clark

Contributing Engineer: Elden Wood

Icon artwork was done by Henri Liriani.

Sparkle Automatic Update Checking: Thanks, Andy Matuschak.

The super-easy-to-use crash reporting framework HDCrashReporter was written by Humble Daisy, Inc. Thanks!

When you buy Flowing Pennies

After you buy Flowing Pennies, you will receive an email with the subject “Flowing Pennies Personalization Key,” so watch for it to show up in your in box. It will contain instructions on how to personalize your copy of Flowing Pennies.

Usually the “Flowing Pennies Personalization Key” email is sent out within an hour of when we receive your payment, but it can sometimes take up to one business day.

Flowing Pennies uses the Sparkle system to check for updates via the internet. If you do not want automatic updates enabled, turn them off from the preferences window.

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