Clarkwood Software Extras

This is the extras section of the Clarkwood Software web site.

Here you will find an eclectic selection of articles. Some relate directly to Clarkwood Software products. Others describe projects that some of the people of Clarkwood Software have done in the past. Some discuss miscellaneous technical problems or issues. You’ll also find links to older products.


The articles in this section are the most relevant and generally the most recent articles and essays that we have available. Other articles are in the Cultural & Historical Tidbits section and the Archived Articles section.

Featured Articles

The articles in this section are our highlighted featured articles.

Currency Selection
in Flowing Pennies

The most common request for Flowing Pennies is the ability to use different currencies. This article explores our search for the Goldilocks solution (“just right”) in our design for currency support in Flowing Pennies.


Over two decades in the making, Bob’s Macquarium is finally finished. Created from the shell of an original Macintosh, it is now home to piscatorial pals Larry, Moe, and Shemp.

Harsh Business
Realities of
Clarkwood Software Products

The economic side of Peek-a-Boo (and our other Clarkwood Software products) is an intertwined set of delicate balancing acts. This article is a frank exploration of the intersection of software design with business.

The Power of Merging Transactions

There are subtle and surprising advantages when you effectively merge transactions in Flowing Pennies.

Clarkwood Software & Emergent Behavior

Clarkwood Software explores the phenomenon of how small, simple rules can expand into very sophisticated and interesting high-level behavior.

Fallacies & Frustrations Inherent in Accounts

Most personal finance applications available rely heavily on accounts. There are good reasons for this, but when the fixation on accounts rises to obstruct the user interface, the price you pay is a loss of clarity, and the risk of succumbing to subtle fallacies.

What’s Special About Peek-a-Boo

There are several factors that we think make Peek-a-Boo special; this article explains some of the decisions behind Peek-a-Boo’s design philosophy and why Peek-a-Boo has been maintained, updated, and used for more than two decades.

Clarkwood Software & Virtual Cruelty

Clarkwood Software explores the contrition we feel about virtual impoliteness and simulated environmental insensitivity. Stand with us against fake cruelty.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
& CPU Usage

The more closely you observe something, the more you affect it. This presents a dilemma when trying to measure CPU usage to a high degree of accuracy.

Why Peek-a-Boo Requires Authentication

The first time you run Peek-a-Boo, it will ask for an administrator name and password, or authentication. This article describes why authentication is necessary.

Screencasts for Clarkwood Software Products

A few of our products include screencasts or movies of the products in action. Check out this article to see those screencasts.

Cultural & Historical Tidbits

Four-bit Microprocessor

Several Clarkwood Software personnel contributed to Micro-Mysticism, a four-bit microprocessor designed and implemented “from the gates up” for a class in our electrical engineering curriculum.

Distributed Macintosh Processing

Two of the people behind Clarkwood Software collaborated on a Senior Project while attaining our electrical engineering degrees. PowerWeb is an architecture for using many Macintoshes over a local area network to speed up computationally intensive tasks.

“Nostalgically Retired” Products

Software Nostalgia

Here are links to older products. We call these our “nostalgically retired” products; they are no longer profitable or under active development. But feel free to explore them, if only for their historical value.

We worked hard on each of these, and each was at least partly a labor of love. In the end, the number of people buying these products dropped low enough that we had to make a cold, calculating, tough decision to put active development on hold.