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Clarkwood Software

BeOS BinkJet DeskJet Printer Driver

binkjet icon version 2.5

Copyright © 1998-2000 by Clarkwood Software, LLC

BinkJet 2.5

This release brings an unprecedented level of printing support to the BeOS. BinkJet now supports 45 HP and Apollo printers so the chances are better than ever that there is support for your inkjet printer.

guru award

Clarkwood Software is very pleased that BinkJet won the highly acclaimed guru award for the best 3rd-party driver.

download As always you are free to download and try it out.

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About BinkJet

The following documentation contains lots of useful information.


Many developments have been a direct response to user feedback. We value your suggestions and encourage you to share your ideas for BinkJet with us. Send your suggestions to

BinkJet minimum requirements:

A supported printer (see list here) and BeOS release 5.0 or later running on x86, Mac, or BeBox hardware.