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Clarkwood Software

Why Buy the BinkJet Printer Driver?

Drivers are often "free" because they come with the hardware from the manufacturer. Part of the purchase price of the printer covers the cost of the driver. However, since Clarkwood Software isn't associated with Hewlett-Packard (the manufacturer of the printer) we charge a small fee of $20 US for the BinkJet printer driver.

Registering the BinkJet printer driver enables continued development. We intend to add features and to support additional printer models in the future. Also by registering the driver you can receive the next several updates (about two years worth) for free. Eventually, when it is time to register the next major version the upgrade fee will be $10 US.

The BinkJet printer driver has a demo available. This enables you to fully evaluate the driver to see if it meets your needs before registering.