Logging Window

Logging Window

picture of Peek-a-Boo logging window

You can monitor several pieces of Process Manager information simultaneously for a given process with the Log function. This was designed to keep track of all the Process Manager information that changes in the course of normal operation. So you can track total free memory, the change in free memory, active ticks, the change in active ticks, and several variations of Temporary Memory usage, along with an optional time stamp.

One of the most helpful uses of this feature is to detect memory leaks. If you log the change of free memory for a process, you can see how much memory is being allocated and de-allocated as you use the application.

The logging info can be written to a file. This file holds tab-delimited fields of everything that the log window shows. Rather than always write to one specific file, though, Peek-a-Boo creates a new log file each time a process is logged. This is so all the data in a file is consistent with itself: if the first part of a file had total free memory and the last part of the file had a time stamp and delta active ticks, that could confuse both users and any spreadsheet or database that you tried to import the file into. So Peek-a-Boo autogenerates a name and creates the file in whatever folder you specify.

Although the time stamp in the window is in hour:minute:second format, it's different in the file: it's based on the system tick count. The file includes the hour, minute, and second in the name.