Version History

ramBunctious 1.6.2
22 August 2001

ramBunctious 1.6.2 includes several bug fixes:

ramBunctious 1.6
18 July 2001

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

The changes in ramBunctious 1.5 include:

The changes in ramBunctious 1.3.2 include:

The changes in ramBunctious 1.3.1 include:

ramBunctious 1.3 is our registrant's request release. Each feature was specifically requested by a registered user. As an acknowledgement of the importance of our registered users, we took some of the most commonly-requested features and implemented them to reward registered users:

ramBunctious 1.2:

ramBunctious 1.1.2:

ramBunctious 1.1.1:

ramBunctious 1.1:

ramBunctious 1.0: first released version.