Peek-a-Boo is no longer being supported.

Peek-a-Boo Process Actions

Peek-a-Boo allows you to control and manipulate processes in several ways. These can be initiated either from Peek-a-Boo’s Manage menu or from the process list’s toolbar.

Hide Process will hide all windows of the selected process.

Bring to Front brings the selected process to the front. You can also double-click on a process to bring it to the front.

Reveal in Finder will open the folder in which the process’ executable file is located.

Kill Process tells the selected process to quit. Peek-a-Boo uses an escalating mechanism to kill the process:

  • If the process you’re killing is an application (OS X Application or Classic Application), it starts out with a ‘quit’ Apple Event. If that fails to kill the process, then next time you choose Kill Process will try the next method. (If the process is a daemon or Darwin Process it will immediately try the next method.)
  • Peek-a-Boo uses a Unix “kill” command from the current user, using the “TERM” signal. This is a gentle enough signal that many Unix programs will catch it elegantly and clean themselves up before they quit.

If the selected process fails to quit after you choose Kill Process once, choose it again and Peek-a-Boo will try the next step in this escalating mechanism.

  Sample Process will invoke OS X’s sample tool for five seconds, after which it will report on how that process was using time. This can be tremendously valuable to developers analyzing CPU usage.