Clarkwood Software’s ASCII Astro

We are sorry: this app is no longer being supported.


That’s how ASCII Astro begins, and that is all you need to know to enjoy a thrilling ride through an 80s-esque ASCII obstacle field.

With roots in the Apple ][ family, the Commodore 64, and the TRS-80 family of computers, ASCII Astro lets you control an ASCII ship through deep space while dodging ASCII enemies. But unlike the vintage microcomputer versions of this game, now you control your ASCII spaceship by tilting your device right and left.

The levels become progressively harder...


... as more obstacles arrive, the obstacles are moving faster, and who knows? maybe another couple of surprises might appear too.

“Ridiculously addictive!”
      —what somebody who loves monochrome 80s-esque ASCII games might say

“It’s OK I guess.”
      —a teenager who’s an ASCII Astro  fan  user

The Fine Print

Application design, architecture, and implementation by Clarkwood Software, LLC.

Principal Engineer Bob Clark.

Collider by Stephen Burns provided by