Clarkwood Software’s ZibblerScribe:

Take Notes & Stamp ’Em With Goodness

We are sorry: this app is no longer being supported.

Sometimes you want to take notes without typing on the iPhone’s keyboard. Maybe you want to sketch out a diagram, or you can scribble faster than you can type. In any case, ZibblerScribe is a flexible powerful way to scribble notes or annotate pictures you can take.

Each new page gets stamped with the current time and location. That’s something I always like to know when I am reviewing notes later.

You can save the current page into your Photo Library with the button.

You can navigate between an unlimited number of pages.

You can create new pages; each new page has a new background from a built-in selection of nature scenes; or you can use the camera (if your device has a camera) to take a picture for the background of your next page. The original image is saved in the Photo Library.

Use ZibblerScribe as a convenient note pad or in conjunction with your iPhone’s camera to annotate a trip. I use it as a “hiking buddy” on hikes to log the time and location of photos I take with my iPhone, which gives me an opportunity to jot down any notes about the picture. (Since the original photo is also saved in the device’s Photo Library, I can scribble on the copy used by ZibblerScribe.)