Clarkwood Software’s ZibblerPict:

Zip out a doodle or scribble a note

We are sorry: this app is no longer being supported.

Each of us creates art in a very individual, personal way. If your style is to doodle, or scribble, or sketch, or scrawl, or maybe just zip out a rough drawing, ZibblerPict is here for you.

ZibblerPict offers a one-megapixel “finger-painting” drawing surface. You aren’t constrained by the iPhone’s screen resolution limit of 480 by 320 pixels; instead, you can scroll around a 1024 by 1024 pixel surface. A large surface like this lets you take notes or even create detailed doodles.

(Personally, I use ZibblerPict for taking notes during meetings. It goes much more quickly than typing on the iPhone, and is about as efficient as drawing on a small legal pad. Quickly drawing diagrams is very helpful as well.)

You have a selection of colors to draw with. Think of ZibblerPict’s color picking palette as a selection of fine-tipped felt markers and wide-tipped felt markers. You can draw boldly or with more finesse.

When you are done with a drawing (or page of scrawled notes), you can save the image out to the iPhone’s photo library. From there you can download the images to your computer, or even email them!

ZibblerPict offers a few shortcut buttons for navigating over the one-megapixel surface. ==> shifts the screen to the right by an inch, and carriage return shifts down and moves to the left edge. When you’re simply taking notes, these shortcut buttons make it really easy to start writing and continue without losing your place (or your train of thought) by switching into scroll mode.

Here are a few saved drawings to get a feel for the kinds of tasks you can accomplish with ZibblerPict. (Click on the reduced-size image for the full-sized drawing.)

Scribble Randomly:
Scribble Colorfully:
Diagram Circuits:
Declare Independence:
Declaration of Independence
Draft Bill of Rights: