Naturally we think Multisite is pretty great. Particularly when we’re walking around with our marketing hats on. If you would like to offer up your own comments or awards for inclusion please send us your feedback.

Perhaps more interesting is some of the feedback we have received from Multisite users.

This is an absolutely excellent utility for managing iWeb projects. I was getting fed up attempting to manage my sites by renaming and moving the domain.sites files; and losing track of my projects (not good when you are doing light commercial work with iWeb). I googled for a solution and up came Multisite. I must say it is really really good, works nice and fast too. Well worth the £12 UK.

— Guy Hemmings

After hours of frustration trying to figure out how to use iWeb for two completely different sites, I did a web search and found Multisite. My problems were solved in about two minutes. I am a teacher and manage the website for my school. Although I use Dreamweaver for the bulk of my work, I recently used iWeb to set up a blog, podcast, and photo page for the school. I publish to a folder, transfer it to my PC lap top, and upload to the school server. Today I wanted to create a personal site to share with some friends and host it from .mac. I didn’t realize iWeb would publish EVERYTHING to the same place instead of publishing the site that was selected. Multisite enabled me to manage and publish my sites separately. It’s really simple to use. As far as I’m concerned, Apple should be paying you to allow them to install Multisite with iWeb on every computer they sell!

— Kathy

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have this program... I found out about it, downloaded the trial from Apple’s site, and bought it within minutes of realizing what it can do.
Thank you for filling the need so many of us desperately found when using iWeb for multiple sites...

— Jess

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