User Stories

The Following is a description of how three people use Multisite. From these descriptions you can see some of the ways Multisite could be a fit for you. If you find new uses for it we would like to hear from you about it.


Jim’s a web developer. He’s found that for small sites iWeb is a great fit since he can work very quickly. He currently has about 300 sites for various clients. He uses Multisite to quickly switch between his client’s sites. He then publishes the site either directly to the server with FTP or will publish a site to a folder.


Kirk has started his own business. He found that it was easy to build and maintain a small site for it after getting iWeb as part of the iLife bundle. He publishes his site to a folder and then copies it up to a web server for the business.

Recently he wanted to start a related blog and host it on a separate website. In Multisite for iWeb he chose the “Create Site” option and created a new site. Then set it as the current site and launched iWeb to build his new blog site. When he’s done he publishes to a folder and then copies it to a separate web service to host the blog.


Jackie does a lot of work on websites. When she’s not developing a complete site for a business client she uses iWeb to maintain several sites. She has one site for her family, which she publishes to her MobileMe account. Another site is for the School PTA site that goes to its own web server, as well as another site for her home based business that also gets published to a folder and then moved on to its own web server.

With Multisite for iWeb she can quickly switch between the current site she’s working on with iWeb.