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BinkJet Page Setup Dialog

The BinkJet page setup dialog consists of three tabbed panels:



This panel allows you to select the page orientation, page size, and two sided safe margins. The information that you select here will be given to your printing application which will use it to decide how to lay out the contents of the page.

Setup tab of BinkJet Page Setup dialog

Page Orientation

You are given two options under Page Orientation: Portrait and Landscape. In portrait orientation, the page is taller than it is wide. In landscape orientation, the page is turned sideways making the page wider than it is tall. The names come from the art world where portraits of people are usually painted on a canvas that is tall, and pictures of scenery (landscapes) are painted on wide canvases.

Page Size

You are given two options under Page Size: A4 and US Letter. In the United States of America, the standard paper size is US Letter which is 8.5 by 11 inches. Outside of the USA, the standard paper size is A4 which is 210mm by 297mm. Select the paper size that matches the paper in your printer. The default for this selection was chosen when you added the current printer. If you would like to change the default value, go back to the Printers application in the Be Preferences menu and add the printer again.

Two Sided Safe Margins

Check Two Sided safe margins if you are printing on both sides of the page with the automatic two sided printing module. This will notify your printing application that the printable area of the page is smaller when using automatic two sided printing and allow the application to adjust the contents of the page to fit. If you do not select this box when using automatic two sided printing, the BinkJet driver will scale down the contents of the page to fit within the smaller printable area of the page.


The Service panel allows you to test out the driver by printing a sample page, align the black and color print cartridges, and clean the print cartridges.

Service tab of BinkJet Page Setup dialog

Test Page

Press the Test Page button to test out the communications between BinkJet and your printer. This will print a sample page that is actually built into the printer itself. If a page does not print, then you should check your cable and make sure your printer is turned on.


Press the Align button to align the black and color print cartridges. Since the black and color print heads are physically located on separate print cartridges, it is necessary to align them so that the black ink and color ink will not be misaligned on your printouts. It is only necessary to do this when you install a new print cartridge and you do not need to align the printer under BeOS if you have previously aligned it under Windows or Mac OS.


Press the Clean button to clean your print cartridges. If you notice streaking in either your black or color print areas, try cleaning the print cartridges. You do not want to do this very often because it does use a significant amount of ink.


This panel informs you of the version of the BinkJet printer driver. You can visit the BinkJet home page by clicking on the link provided on this panel.

About tab of BinkJet Page Setup dialog