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Setting up BinkJet

Setting up the driver to work with your printer is quite easy.

Step 1: Run the Printers Preferences Application

First, choose Printers from the Be Preferences menu.

Printers app under Be Preferences menu

Step 2: Click Add to Add a Printer

Click on the Add... button.

Printers app

Step 3: Click Continue to Add a Local Printer

Click on the Continue button to add a local printer. BinkJet doesn't work with networked printers.

Add local or networked printer

Step 4: Fill in the Information for Your Printer

Click in the text box next to Printer Name: and give your printer a name. Anything will do. In this example, we have named the printer "My DeskJet."

Add local printer

Next, select BinkJet v2.5 from the pop-up menu next to Printer Type: You might have other versions of BinkJet installed on your system, so be sure to choose the one named BinkJet v2.5.

Next, select the port that your printer is attached to.
Note: It is not enough just to select Serial Port or Parallel Port from the menu. You must pick the actual port from the submenu that pops up.

Now that you have filled in the information on the Add a Local Printer dialog, click on the Add button. If the Add button is grayed out, you haven't filled out all of the information needed on this panel.

Step 5: Choose Printer Model, Default Paper Size, and Language Preference

Upon clicking on the Add button, the BinkJet Driver Setup dialog appears. Select your printer model from the list. Make sure you select the correct printer model since BinkJet optimizes features, color matching, halftoning, and compression for each model of printer. Choosing the wrong printer model could cause the printer to behave erratically. It is unlikely that you could damage your printer, but you might waste paper or get undesirable results.

Select model and default paper size

Select the default paper size that you will use. BinkJet will then default to that paper size for all print jobs. You will be able to override this selection at print time.

Select your preferred language from the Language Preference popup. BinkJet will use the selected language in all dialogs.

Click on the OK button to finish the driver setup. If the OK button is not highlighted, then go back and select a printer model from the list.

Step 6: Make Your Printer the Default

If a dialog appears asking if you would like to make this the default printer, click Yes. You will not see this dialog if this is your first printer.
Dialog asking if you'd like to make this your default printer

Step 7: Verify Your Setup

Your printer will now show up in the Printers dialog. Verify that you have selected the correct port and the correct printer model. Now click the close button on the Printers dialog window.

Printers panel with driver all set up

Congratulations, you have setup the driver, and you are now ready to print. Now press the back button in your browser and proceed to the Page Setup and Print Dialog sections to learn how to configure the driver and print from an application.