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BinkJet Monitor Window

The BinkJet Monitor window appears on the screen when your print job is being imaged and transmitted to the printer. The window consists of a thumbnail image of the page being processed, status information on the number of the page and copy being printed, a progress bar, and a Cancel button.

Picture of the BinkJet Status Window

Thumbnail Image

A small thumbnail of the current page is shown and that thumbnail is highlighted with gray bands to show how much of the page has been processed. This image shows which page is being imaged and transmitted to the printer. It doesn't necessarily match the page emerging from the printer since the printer does have a large memory buffer.

The thumbnail image shows the page as it will be printed by the printer. Landscape pages will be shown in a portrait orientation since that is how the printer sees them.

Page Number and Copy Number

The status window tells you which copy of your document it is printing and which page it is currently working on. Depending on the settings of your printer driver, the pages might print out in a different order than they appear in your document. The number represented here is merely a count of the number of pages to print and it does not represent a specific page of your document. For instance, if the readout says Page: 1/5, Copy: 1/1, it might be printing the first page of your document, or it might be printing the last page of your document. It simply means that five pages will be printed and it is working on the first of those five.

The Progress Bar

The progress bar shows visually how much of the entire print job has been imaged and sent to the printer. When the progress bar reaches 100%, all of your job has been sent to the printer, and the BinkJet Monitor window will disappear. Your printer may continue to print for a while because it is finishing up the pages that are stored in its buffer memory.

The Cancel Button

If you wish to cancel the current print job, click on Cancel in the BinkJet Monitor window. The driver will stop imaging the current page and stop sending data to the printer. Your printer will continue to print the pages in its buffer. If you have a DeskJet 900 Series printer or PhotoSmart Printer you can then press the print cancel button on the printer to stop the printer immediately.