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BinkJet Print Dialog

The BinkJet print dialog consists of four tabbed panels:


The Print tab of the BinkJet Print Dialog allows you to select the print quality, page order, two sided printing, number of copies, and range of pages to be printed.

About Tab of BinkJet Print Dialog

Print Quality

BinkJet supports three quality modes: Better, Faster, and Grayscale/Fax/Photocopy. Use Better mode to obtain the best print quality for your document. Use Faster mode to get the document printed quickly. Use Grayscale/Fax/Photocopy mode for documents that you plan to fax or photocopy.

Reverse page order

By default, BinkJet will print your document so that the pages will be in the correct order when you remove your complete document from the output tray. It accomplishes this by printing the last page first, followed by the second to last page, etc. If you would like to see the pages print such that page 1 emerges first, then check the box next to Reverse page order.

Print two sided

Select Print two sided to print on both sides of a sheet of paper.


Enter the number of copies of your document that you wish to print into the box next to Copies.

Page Range

By default, the All button is selected. This will print all of the pages of your document. If you wish to print a smaller range of pages, then put the number of the first page you would like to print in the box next to Page and put the number of the last page you would like to print in the box following To.

Two Sided

Two sided printing can be accomplished in two ways: automatically and manually.

About Tab of BinkJet Print Dialog

Automatic two sided printing

In Automatic mode, the printer uses the two sided printing module to automatically flip the pages. You must have the two sided printing module installed to use this option. When using Automatic mode, the top and bottom margins are larger than normal. To fit the contents of each page in this smaller area, BinkJet will scale your page slightly to make it fit. If you do not want your page to be scaled, then select Two Sided safe margins in the Page Setup Dialog. Selecting Two Sided safe margins will notify the printing application that the printable area of the page is smaller, so your application can adjust the content of each page accordingly.

Manual two sided printing

In Manual mode, the printer first prints the odd numbered pages of your document. After the odd pages have been printed, BinkJet asks you to remove the pages from the output tray, turn them around, and then reinsert them into the input tray. After clicking OK, BinkJet then prints the even numbered pages.


The Service panel allows you to test out the driver by printing a sample page, align the black and color print cartridges, and clean the print cartridges.

About Tab of BinkJet Print Dialog

Test Page

Press the Test Page button to test out the communications between BinkJet and your printer. This will print a sample page that is actually built into the printer itself. If a page does not print, then you should check your cable and make sure your printer is turned on.


Press the Align button to align the black and color print cartridges. Since the black and color print heads are physically located on separate print cartridges, it is necessary to align them so that the black ink and color ink will not be misaligned on your printouts. It is only necessary to do this when you install a new print cartridge and you do not need to align the printer under BeOS if you have previously aligned it under Windows or Mac OS.


Press the Clean button to clean your print cartridges. If you notice streaking in either your black or color print areas, try cleaning the print cartridges. You do not want to do this very often because it does use a significant amount of ink.


This panel informs you of the version of the BinkJet printer driver. You can visit the BinkJet home page by clicking on the link provided on this panel.

About Tab of BinkJet Print Dialog